Health, Safety & Environment

Health, Safety and the Environment are central to Fuel Distributors of Western Australia (FDWA) core values.

Our vision is simple – to provide and maintain a workplace free from harm, supported by a culture which ensures the safety of people and protection of the environment.

To achieve this vision, FDWA will manage Health, Safety and Environment through the following principles:

Accountability and Commitment

  • Defining the roles of our leaders with clear responsibility and accountability for Health, Safety and Environment.
  • Establishing measurable objectives and targets aimed at the elimination of work related incidents or impacts from our activities and services.
  • Expecting employees to take accountability for their actions, take responsibility for their on-going growth and development and to work by the company’s values, policies and procedures.

Strategic Planning

  • A commitment to measurable and continual improvement in Health Safety and Environment performance across FDWA through strategic planning.
  • Regular review of Health, Safety and Environment policies, procedures and safe systems of work to ensure compliance with legislation and on-going relevance across FDWA sites.
  • Integration of changes in legislation into core business activities.

Recording and Reporting

  • Ensuring Health, Safety and Environment data is recorded and reported appropriately.
  • Regular review of data against our objectives and targets to promote improved performance standards.

Hazard and Risk Management

  • Encouraging employees to report all accidents, incidents, and hazards in the workplace.
  • Actively investigating these with the intention of applying risk management strategies to control and eliminate any likelihood of an incident or injury in the future.
  • Distributing outcomes as lessons learned across FDWA sites.

Training and Consultation

  • Providing sufficient information, resources, training and supervision to ensure employees maintain a safe and healthy workplace central to our core business values.
  • Providing employees and other relevant stakeholders with regular inclusive discussion on Health, Safety and Environment, training and injury management matters with the opportunity to contribute and improve the decision making process.

Injury and Environmental Management

  • Ensuring all relevant employees are proactively involved in Return to Work programs managed by suitably qualified and experienced personnel with the objective of having meaningful work sooner.
  • Integration of risk management principles in all core planning activities, including environmental remediation strategies.

Everyone has specific responsibilities for ensuring the health and safety of themselves, and others. All employees are reminded that it is FDWA policy that no employee is required to perform any task that is reasonably considered to be unsafe or would cause risk to their well-being.

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