Fuel Distributors of Western Australia

Experienced and reliable fuel supplier

As one of Western Australia’s largest distributors of bulk fuels and lubricants, we have been providing quality service and products to our customers for more than 19 years.

We understand the needs of the local community

A reliable and locally operated company, Fuel Distributors of Western Australia is committed to servicing Perth metro and rural WA, providing a vital link in the lives of local families and businesses across Western Australia.

Providing industry based solutions

With a large and modern fleet of trucks  and trailers, we service a wide variety of customers such as primary producers, transport companies, retailers, government municipalities, commercial fishing and the mining industry.

Serving communities across Western Australia

At Fuel Distributors of Western Australia we pride ourselves on our ability to 

get products to customers when and where required.


We are committed to providing the highest quality product at 

competitive pricing, while delivering the finest service.

Fuel Distributors of Western Australia offer an extensive range of quality fuels and lubricants to suit a large variety of industries.

We specialise in the haulage of bulk petroleum products, providing a fast, efficient service, using our modern fleet of tankers.

Our fuel card is the ideal fuel card for companies and businesses. Use it at any of our self service depots or service stations.

1300 MY FDWA

Head office: 08 9419 6599

Postal Address: PO Box 5219

Rockingham Beach WA 6969

Email: sales@fdwa.com.au

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