Marine Refuelling

Fuel Distributors of Western Australia are

the experts in marine refuelling

We are the proven experts in providing direct-to-vessel fueling services. FDWA conduct various types of bunker work, from filling small pleasure yachts (20 – 30K ltrs) right up to super ferries destined for work overseas and in the Mediterranean, as well a host of various navel vessels.

We are able to fill these vessels using various vehicles that are specific to customers’ requirements and the restrictions we may face with getting trucks on to jetty’s and various berths for unloading. 

FDWA drivers are MSIC approved which means we have access to all marine ports with the highest of security levels.

We supply fuel to the following types of vessels:

  • Bunkers
  • Commercial
  • Transport
  • Charter Boats
  • Fishing Boats
  • Government
  • Defence 
  • Recreational

Lancelin Jetty - Refuelling Service

The Lancelin Maritime Facility contains a service jetty and fuelling facilities for commercial fishing vessels and houses numerous crayfishing vessels.

If you would like to purchase fuel using this facility, please contact us today on 1300 MY FDWA.

Albany Marina

Coming Soon! Check back for more information on the new fuel facility.

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