About Us


FDWA is one of Western Australia’s largest independent family-owned distributors of fuels and lubricants, providing quality products and services to our customers for over 14 years.


With a large and modern fleet of trucks and trailers, we service not only commercial customers which include; primary producers, transport, commercial fishing, and mining industries, but we service retailers and local government municipalities as well. FDWA are your local fuel suppliers and distributors. 


FDWA’s headquarters are located in Kwinana, WA – approximately 30 minutes south of Perth. We have staff  based throughout rural Western Australia and in depot and service station operations making sure we supply fuel to you when and where needed.


At FDWA we pride ourselves in the ability to get products to customers when and where needed. We are committed to providing the highest quality product at extremely competitive pricing, while delivering the finest service.

Specialised Delivery Service

FDWA specialise in delivering fuel to your on-site machinery, generators, and tanks, and can assist you in being fully compliant for your storage tank deliveries.