West Midland Group’s Seeding Equipment Ride & Drive

West Midland Group’s Seeding Equipment Ride & Drive

WMG Seeding Equipment Ride & Drive

On Friday the 12th of June 2015, West Midlands Group hosted a Seeding Equipment Ride and Drive at Badgingarra Research station. The Ride and Drive day was a free event that gave the opportunity for growers to sit in the driver’s seat and test the latest seeding machinery from McIntosh and Son and AFGRI Equipment. The benefit of the day is to sow 40 ha of the Badgingarra’s community wheat crop at the BRS.


“Nearly all machinery field days only allow the farmer to look at the latest machinery however this event actually allows you to test drive the equipment in local conditions”
Stated local Badgingarra grower, Graham White
Courtesy of WMG


The West Midlands Group are recognised as one of the leading growers groups in Western Australia. WMG ensures that its members receive up to date information on crop and pasture research, natural resource management, horticulture research and the role of women in agriculture. They are a reliable source of information for our WA local growers.


Fuel Distributors of WA played a sponsorship role on this day. Our very own Peter Wass, Area Sales Manager for the Northern region, attended the event. To conclude the day, Fuel Distributors of WA along with Rabobank contributed to a BBQ sundowner and drinks for the local growers.


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