Merredin Roadhouse

Merredin Roadhouse

Fuel Distributors of Western Australia run a number of service stations throughout regional Western Australia. Merredin Roadhouse & petrol station is located in WA’s Central Wheatbelt, about a 3 hour drive from Perth.

It is also the perfect stop over if you are driving to Kalgoorlie as it is located on Great Eastern Highway (Corner Oats St) in Merredin.

The ‘My Corner Store’ at Merredin Roadhouse is open 7 days for breakfast, lunch and dinner! It serves WA’s famous Miami Pies, as well as fish & chips and toasted sandwiches.


More information about Merredin:

  • Originally started out as a stopping place for people on their way to the goldfields.
  • The agricultural land around Merredin produces 40% of WA’s wheat quota.
  • The region is known for agriculture; approximately 40% of WA’s wheat production comes from a 100km radius around Merredin.
  • Merredin’s local bulk handling co-operative receives and processes more than a million tonnes of grain every year.
  • Sheep farming is also popular in the Merredin region.
  • The silos at the train facilities to the west of the main town are the biggest of their type in the southern hemisphere.
  • Merredin aerodrome is leased under a 100-year lease arrangement by China Southern Airlines. It is used as a pilot training facility by the China Southern West Australian Flying College, who also operate from Jandakot Airport.
  • Things to do and see in Merredin, include: the historic Cummins Theatre, Merredin Peak, Merredin Railway Water Tower, two museums, an art gallery, and the remains of military installations from the town’s role as second line of defence, during World War II.
  • For more information go to the shire of Merredin’s website, click here.


1300 MY FDWA

Head office: 08 9419 6599

Postal Address: PO Box 5219,

Rockingham Beach WA 6969


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