Safe & Compliant Fuel Tanker Storage

Safe & Compliant Fuel Tanker Storage

Safe & Compliant Fuel Tanker Storage

To ensure the safety of our fuel delivery drivers, the surrounding public and to mitigate against potential fuel spills to the environment, we recommend a site risk assessment is completed at all our customer locations. This includes a check of the fuel tanker storage area.

FDWA’s objective in completing the site assessment is to ensure there is safe ingress and egress for our fuel tanker to deliver fuel and exit the site quickly, in case of an emergency.

We must ensure there are no hazards around the fuel storage tank which may put our drivers or members of the public at risk, for example; combustible materials, trip hazards, etc.

It is essential to ensure the integrity of the fuel tank to make sure there is no risk of static fire or spillage. This is why safe and compliant fuel tanker storage equipment and practices are essential.

Fuel storage tanks are currently being manufactured and marketed that have used different materials in the construction process.

The Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) recommendation is that bulk static storage tanks design and construction should comply with AS1692.

For more information regarding standard AS1692 please visit SAI Global. For advice and guidance on the matter go to the Department of Mines and Petroleum website.

Safe & Complaint Fuel Tanker Storage






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